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Rise of Hell

So, blog post number 2. I mentioned in my first blog post that I have been a lifelong fan of WWE. I’ve been to multiple events and loved every one of them. I still watch each televised event, although my interest has been waning somewhat over the last few years. It’s probably because WWE is now a PG show, whereas in its heyday in the attitude era it wasn’t uncommon to see someone with their head busted open after a particularly vicious chair shot every other week. Now though, with the dumbing down that they’ve done to make it fit well with a PG audience I feel like it has lost some of its magic, and that’s a real shame.

I know when wrestlers did promos before most of them weren’t scripted and they generally came up with their own material, but now (with a few exceptions) they all have a script they stick to and it just seems wooden and uninteresting. Yes they come up with interesting story lines like The Nexus, and The Shield and things get shaken up and made a little more interesting every now and then, but for me it’s not enough. Too little, too often and they never last long enough at a high enough quality.

I understand why WWE have made these changes, as a huge part of their fan base is children. About 99% of John Cena’s fans are kids so he’s a huge draw for their revenue streams as parents will inevitably put their hands in their pockets and cough up for the latest shirts. I know if my kids asked for some WWE merchandise I’d probably cave and get it for them. The problem is though I feel like they are forgetting the audience that they had 15-20 years ago, which I was a part of. Maybe they think that people who watched their product as children will grow out of it when they grow up. I don’t fit that category as I still love watching it and will never grow up. There are still the occasional viscous matches, I’m thinking back to the first PPV after Wrestemania last year where Brock Lesnar effectively dismantled Cena. I thought it was uncomfortable to watch initially, but thinking back on it, it was actually a pretty solid match.

Anyhows, I also found myself watching the film Philadelphia for the 1st time ever. Considering that it came out in 1993 so 20 years ago, that’s quite an achievement. I wish I had watched it sooner, it’s such a powerful film. The acting is brilliant from the entire cast, and I was just gripped from start to finish. That’s impressive in itself as usually the only films that manage that are action films. I’m specifically thinking of Dredd 3D as that just had me hook, line and sinker from the first shot. Ultraviolent, and the essence of Dredd caught perfectly on film. Awesome.

I’ve also started watching Kevin Bacon’s new series The Following. I was very dubious a first, so I waited until I had 4 episodes on my Sky+ and I must say I have been well and truly drawn into the story. Basically, there is a serial killer that has a cult following, however this is a following with a twist – they’re all serial killers themselves. Now I won’t go into any further details for fear of ruining it for you if you do start watching it, but the story is engaging and I’ve found myself caring for the characters, well the main ones anyways. There are a few obvious filer characters, but the main characters all server their purpose and play their roles well, and James Purefoy as the main protagonist is just fantastic.

Also, there was the return of 2 of my favourite shows, The Walking Dead and Spartacus. Plenty of blod and guts in both, though I think Spartacus may just have the edge when it comes to the nakedness. Almost very other scene there is somebody flaunting all they’ve got – and as you can imagine, I’m a massive perv (thanks for corrupting me through the years Pork Hammer) so I love it. Combine that nakedness with the over the top fight scenes with bright ed blood spraying everywhere, then you have yourself a winner.

Right now, listening to some tunes on my iPhone whilst the wife watches the dullness that is Emmerdale, and also looking at the info about the PS4 that was announced last night. It certainly has next-gen level specs and the controller looks interesting. I like the fact they have kept the same basic shape since the original PlayStation. It will be familiarised and won’t take much adaptation.

Am not really excited by it though, not yet at least. I see the controller has a share button so you can upload some gameplay. I know that’s a function I will never use. So until there is some pricing information and a list of launch titles I can’t say I’m massively interested in it. Compare that to when the PS3 was announced I was chomping at the bit to get one, though I did wait until about a year after release.

Still stuck with a sick wife. She’s in her 5th week of being signed off work. Love her to bits but can’t wait for her to be back at work. She’s thrown out my evening routine completely, though she’s managing to pass the time with a latch hook rug. She showed me how she does it and said it wasn’t complicated. I say Voodoo.

So that’s me for another day.

Will be back to bore you again soon……..