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Life of Pi

So, this week I have been incredibly excited. The reason? Well this week I got my hands on a Raspberry Pi and some information on how to turn it into an AirPlay receiver. Now this may not excite a lot of you, but it certainly excites my inner geek….and my outer geek. Effectively I’m having a geekgasm.

Now when it arrived in the morning yesterday on my first day of annual leave from work I thought to myself – yes, the delivery bods at Amazon must have known that I was off and how exited I was to get my hands on it (yes, I’m ever so slightly delusional). Anyhows, I got the device and all the necessary gubbins I needed such as power lead, usb wifi dongle and usb sound card to get everything up and going, so I eagerly retreated to the bedroom desk and started getting set up, then realsised – hand on a minute – I dont actually have a USB keyboard lying around which I was going to need for initial configuration. So off I went to work to get my keyboard that I had left there, got home with it, plugged it in and did the initial configuration steps and then went to type some more stuff and shock horror! The damned thing had died, so I was not best pleased.

Fortunately I had enabled SSH (remote login) via xrdp on my Raspberry Pi s was able to log in and do the necessary configuration steps through my laptop. Well, almost all of the necessary configuration steps. Trying to get the sound card to work properly was impossible, as was getting the correct packages to make the thing AirPlay enabled. Needless to say I spent a very large part of yesterday tearing my hair out and shouting at some plastic and silicon for not doing something simple. In the end I gave up and decided to start completely fresh this morning – and you know what, after a fresh install and a new keyboard I finally got it working – I now have an AirPlay enabled Raspberry Pi that is being run through an old Hi-Fi I thought was broken, that5 ultimately turned out to be my own stupidity.

So – happy me!

Also in the news this week – the wife is still ill, so that could be better. I also got myself a new 3TB hard drive this week as my colection in iTunes is threatening to split the old hard drive at the joins, so gonna have a bit of a shuffle with all of that and make some additional space which I am sure I will fill up pretty quickly – I still have plenty of DVDs and Blu-Rays I need to convert to a digital format.

And in more tech related news, tomorrow is Mac Mini day – WooHoo! Been wating literally years to get myself a decent Mac. I bought myself an old G5 Mac to see how I’d get on with the OS before buying a new one a couple of years ago and loved it, and tomorrow that day finally arrives. There’s always been something thats cropped up to stop me getting it, whether that’s the car breaking down or some other similar crisis, but the day is nearly upon us and that is something else I cannot wait for.

Am going to visit my sister, mum and her partner this weekend. As I’ve mentioned before my sister is pretty damned awesome, though she does have flaws. One of those is a flaw she shares with my wife – she likes to talk…..a lot. Now most people that know me know I’m not really much of a conversationalist. I generally don’t speak unless I have something to say. Yes, there are times when I myself won’t shut up, but I think that entirely depends on the company that I have at that time. So as Myers-Briggs say – sometimes I like to go to a different room in the house.

Now the usual thing that the wife and sister used to talk about was Westlife. They split up last year so I thought to myself that I might get a break from having to hear about how many times they’ve been to see them, and who their favourites are. I was right, to an extent. Now they are trying to decide who it is they should go and stalk – and the leading candidate from what I understand is One Direction. Now my brother in law said it best when he was explaining to my niece about One Direction, and the reason she couldnt find them was because they are considered a virus and were cleaned away as such. If only real life were like that. Now I’m not ashamed to admit that I used to enjoy watching the X Factor. I never really watched the qualifying shows as I never really cared for all the awful people that humiliate themselves, but I did like the live shows as you actually got to hear a select few (not all of them by any means) who could sing and entertain and who were very good at it.

The problem is that the last couple of years have just been terrible. Last years winners for example ‘Little Mix’, I have to say that I despise every single thing they have released. It’s like an assault on your ears by a bag of cats that are on the verge of being drowned. It’s hideous. Now this years winner ‘James Arthur’ is a bit different, as I actually like him, and I thouroughly enjoy listening to his debut single Impossible. However, even he, as good as he is will be forgotten just like all the rest. It’s like a cattle market – get people on for their 5 minutes of fame and then get shot of them. Yes, they may make a little bit of money out of it, but how many of the winners do you ever hear from? The only one I can think of was Leona Lewis (who I hate), and you don’t hear very much from her these days so at the end of the day, what’s the pint of it all? It’s supposed to be entertainment, but in the 12 -15 hours of programming they have in a year, usually only about 1 hour of that is any good, and that’s usually the guests they have on rather than the contestants. I’m specifically thinking of the year before last when they had the final and were at Wembley and all of the finalists where laughable to mediocre at best, and then they had Coldplay on, and Coldplay is the one and only thing that saved that show as they were epic! To this day, they are the only thing I can easily remeber from that show. So just goes to show, if you’re shite you’re gonna get shown up.

Now I smell southern fried chicken downstairs, thatmust mean dinner is about done, so until next time, don’t do anything stupid folks, unless you video it and send it to me, then that’s perfectly ok 😀