Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet & Watch

Hey everyone, my name is Ian and as you can probably tell from reading this that I have decided to start my own blog. If you can’t tell, then you may have bigger issues, so I suggest you get yourself to a doctor to get your mental health checked out :D.

So, what should I talk about? At the moment I really don’t know. I guess I should start by telling you all a bit about myself. From the beginning then, I was born on the 10 April 1983, a breach baby to Pauline and Melvin Tiller, and I am the eldest of 3 children. I have a brother called Mark who I rarely ever see or speak to, so that’s enough about him, and The youngest of the 3 of us is my sister, Louise who I must say is pretty damned awesome!

So fast forward a few years to 1999 when my parents split up, and I moved from a little village called Awbridge down near Southampton back up to Tewkesbury. It wasn’t long after this that my dad sadly died from a bran haemorrhage in late 2000. Needless to say that was a very dark and difficult time for me, so kudos to the guys who helped me through, Lee Ransom and Stefan Harkins who would be my Best Man at my wedding.

A few years later I met my would-be wife Ella for the first time. When she first saw me, she thought I was a tad scary. At the time we both worked for Safeway in Tewkesbury, her on tills as a supervisor and me on the Deli as a supervisor. It was my 21st birthday that she first became aware of me, as I was at work doing a half day in the morning and a member of staff got on the tannoy and announced to the store it was my birthday. At that exact time, Ella who was sat on a till at he time loudly asked “who the fuck’s Ian” at the same time I was walking past her, and I apparently gave her the most evil look in the world, and that meant she wouldn’t come near me out of fear. It was only months later when she bought a puppy from my cousin and I happened to be there, and she finally realised that I’m not quite as scary as a look.

A few years later, we had our first child, Niel Melvin who we named after my dad, then we got married and shortly after we had our second child, Chester John. Both of these two are mental. Brilliant, but mental. Niel’s now on Reception at school, and Chester will be starting in September.

Anyhow’s, onto interests. These include anything tech related. I love having the latest gadget, so could definitely be called an early adopter. If it looks cool, I probably want it, or already have it. It’s no secret that I currently have a love affair with Apple products. I bloody love my iPad, iPhone and Apple TV – everything just works. I quite like having a tinker with stuff when I feel like it, but only when I feel like it, so because of this Apples products just fit in with my lifestyle nicely. That said, I am looking at getting myself a Raspberry Pi – I quite like the look of using it to be an AirPlay receiver.

Next on the list is motorsports. My favourite without any shadow of a doubt is Formula 1. I love the level of technical detail there is, and how a tiny change in the setup of the car can mean the difference between coming 1st or 5th. Yeah, it did have a few years where it was a bit processional and I have to admit that even I struggled to stay a die-hard famine that era. But now the rules have been re-vamped, and as a result the racing is fantastic. The downside to it is Red Bull and that pesky German, Vettel – 3 years and 3 drivers and constructors championships. Very impressive but time for another team and driver to take up the mantle. So, I a word F1 is ‘AMAZING!’. I really enjoy GP2 and GP3 as well, seeing as how these are the main feeder formulas to F1.

Then there are video games. Yep, I’m 29 – nearly 30 and I must admit that video games are one of my favourite pastimes. There’s nothing more satisfying than putting a bullet in some cocky teenagers characters head in Call of Duty, or finishing a multiplayer race on F1 2012,just about in 1st place – I find it exhilarating. Call me a child, but. I love it.

Now I know it’s fake, but I Iove watching wrestling, especially WWE. I’ve been a lifelong fan. The way I look at it, is that it is my soap opera, only with people going through tables or being hit with chairs. Highly entertaining to say the least.

So, thats enough about me as you are probably all bored to death by now.

So, why am I starting a blog? Well, I’m quite an opinionated person. Most of the time I either like something or I don’t. I don’t tend to let much stuff sit in the grey area in the middle. It was actually a Mr Daniel Kelly that implanted the idea of starting a blog in my tiny little mind a couple of months back when I decided to post on Facebook about my experiences with both Google Maps and Apple Maps, in which for what I wanted to use them for, I actually preferred Apple Maps over Google Maps just slightly, mainly due to its deeper integration into iOS, but thats a good topic for another blog post.

Now on to what I would like to talk about, and thats old people and technology. Now I love my Nan and Grandad dearly, but give them something even remotely technical and its like watching a Gibbon trying to do algebra. Entertaining, but ultimately fruitless as you are guaranteed that you will get a call from them at some point asking ‘How do I do this?’. I have received this call more times than I care to recall, but as a loving grandson I always help.

There are a couple of prime examples I have that demonstrate that the elderly and technology don’t generally mix. First up is going back a few years to when we first had commercially affordable LCD TVs. At the time my grandparents had an old 28″ CRT TV and it had stopped working, but before replacing it they asked me to have a look at it, so I did. I was in their living room with my brother and my grandad looking at he TV where I quickly established that the tube had gone. However, whilst I was looking at the TV my grandad exclaimed ‘its working, there’s a picture’. This confused me as it clearly wasn’t working, so I looked at my grandad, back at the TV and then a realisation hit me, to which I turned back to my grandad and calmly said, ‘no grandad, that’s your reflection’. My brother then nearly died of laughter and it was only about 15 minutes later I realised how funny that actually was.

Then there was my nan. She had bought my grandad this newfangled mobile phone, and the one day she asked my wife to have a look at it as she thought it was broken as it had loads of numbers on the screen. So Ella had a look, and calmly explained to my nan that the strange numbers she was seeing was actually just the time in digital format. To this day, neither my nan or grandad have ever been able to master anything technical, even a microwave.

There’s also the in-laws who are pretty cool. So there’s my mother-in-law who’s in her mid 50s, and whilst she tries with technology, specifically with an iPhone, iPad and even a PC she usually fails. The problem with this though is she can just about muddle through with the iOS devices until something unusual happens, and when that happens I inevitably have to go and fix it for her. The PC though is a different story. She tries, but the only thing I can compare this to would be that scene from 2001: A Space Odessey where the apes use tools for the first time. The potential is there for her to understand, but nearly every visit results in me giving another lesson on the basics of a PC. So far I think I’ve shown her how to shut Windows XP about 25 times, and it still not sunk in.

The father-in-law though is a slightly different story. He has an iPhone, an Archos, had an iPad and has now switched to an Acer Android tablet, and generally doesn’t get many issues. There are still occasions where either me or my brother-in-law Steve get asked for help but these seem to be getting fewer, at least for me. That may be because I don’t generally do Android and Steve does, or it could just be that you can teach some old dogs new tricks.

I initially thought that it might just be an age thing in that once you’re past 50 you lose all ability to comprehend technology. There do seem to be some exceptions to this rule though, so I’m thinking this age should be revised from 50 to 60 for now. The grandparents are effectively a lost cause, but the in-laws may have some hope yet. Only time will tell………….

So, I think people should have to take a test before buying an tech. If you fail that test – say amending the volume on h TV without help, then you are denied the purchase of that item. It may sound harsh, but when you’ve had to help out as many times as I have, you’d know where I’m coming from.

So that’s me done for my 1st post. I hope you’re still awake, though my hopes aren’t high 🙂



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